Tuesday, July 26, 2022

19 MPs suspended; Inflation, opposition aggressive on 'GST', chaos in Rajya Sabha

New Delhi : Following the suspension of four Congress MPs from the Lok Sabha, 19 opposition MPs from the Rajya Sabha were suspended for a week on Tuesday. This action was taken on the grounds of continuous obstruction in the work

Since last week, MPs of opposition parties have been demanding discussion in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on issues like fuel price hike, inflation, GST, Agneepath scheme etc. However, as the central government did not accept this demand, the opposition is protesting in the halls. Due to this, the work of both the Houses is being postponed continuously.

Four Congress MPs were suspended for the rest of the monsoon session following the ruckus in the Lok Sabha on Monday. The Rajya Sabha was also disturbed by the opposition on Monday and the presiding officer was asking the opposition MPs to keep calm. Finally, action was taken against the MPs who caused confusion

Sushmita Dev, Mausam Noor, Shanta Chhetri, Dola Sen, Shantanu Sen, Adhiraranjan Biswas and Nadimul Haq (Trinamool Congress), Mohammad Abdullah, S. Kalyan Sundaram, R. Giraranjan, N. R. Elango, M. Shanmugam, K. Somu (DMK), b. Lingaya Yadav, Ravi Vaddiraju, Damodar Divaconda (TRS), A. A. Rahim, V. Shivdasan (CCP), P. Santhosh Kumar (CPI) 19 MPs were suspended. All these MPs were demanding an urgent discussion in the Rajya Sabha on the issues of inflation and GST. The suspended MPs came to the open space in front of the Speaker and shouted slogans.

Most of the members belong to Trinamool

The suspended MPs include seven from the Trinamool Congress and six from the DMK, three from the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), two from the Marxist Communist Party and one from the Communist Party of India (CPI). Deputy Speaker Harivansh said that action was taken against the MPs for completely ignoring the request not to disturb the work of the House.

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