Monday, July 25, 2022

Big news for SBI customers; New change in ATM withdrawal method, know

State Bank of India has now changed the ATM withdrawal method. SBI has now launched OTP service for withdrawing money from ATMs. The bank has made this major change to protect its customers from fraud. This change will soon be implemented at all SBI ATMs.

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SBI customers will now have to share the OTP while doing bank transactions and withdrawing money from ATMs, this OTP will be four digits. So you have to carry the mobile number registered with the bank while withdrawing money from the ATM. In view of the increasing incidence of fraud, SBI has changed the rules. It has also been said on behalf of SBI that it will now be mandatory for customers who withdraw 10,000 or more at a time to give OTP.

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This will be the process

Debit card and mobile must be carried with you while withdrawing money from SBI ATMs. This mobile number should be linked with your bank account. You have to insert the debit card into the machine to withdraw money. Then after entering PIN you will be asked for OTP. After entering the OTP, you can enter the desired amount and complete the transaction.

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