Monday, July 25, 2022

Big threat to the world from China - Sunak; The spirit of confrontation by establishing an organization on the lines of 'NATO'

London: Rishi Sunak, candidate of Hujur Party (Conservative Party) in the contest for the post of Prime Minister of Britain, claimed that China is a great threat to the prosperity and security of the world including Britain. He also mentioned that America and India have been targeted by China, which is the biggest proof of this.

Ahead of Monday’s televised debate, Sunak mocked China’s aggressive policy in his message. .’Ready 4 Rishi In his ‘online’ campaign, Sunak said that if elected as Prime Minister, he would take various measures to reduce China’s dominance in the technology sector, including a new security alliance for sovereign countries on the lines of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military alliance. Will close 30 China centers in UK

Britain has the largest number of Chinese Confucian centers in the world. It works as a center for Chinese culture and language through this center which is funded by China. But in the background of tension between Western countries and China, it is being objected that China is using it for its favorable propaganda.

Sunak said that China and the Communist Party of China pose a great threat to the security, peace and prosperity of the world, including Britain. I will create an international security organization of sovereign nations to defend against cyber threats posed by China. We will explore various measures for industrial-technological security. Through this security organization, Britain will work to coordinate international norms and standards for cyber security, telecommunications security and the prevention of theft of intellectual property.

Sunak accused China of stealing British technology and infiltrating universities, saying China was supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Ukraine war. Violating human rights in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. He said, “I will work with US President Joe Biden and other world leaders to ensure that all Western countries come together to confront the Chinese threat.”

When the finance minister was soft on China!

Former Finance Minister Sunak is in a fierce battle with Foreign Minister Liz Truss for the leadership of Hujur Party and the post of Prime Minister. Truce’s spokesman criticized Sunak for taking a soft stance on China during his tenure as finance minister. Ever since Truce became Secretary of State, he has pursued a strong policy toward China. She was at the forefront of international opposition to China’s aggressive policies.

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