Tuesday, July 26, 2022

bjp mp varun gandhi criticize central government on namami gange project pollution-of-ganga

BJPMP Varun Gandhi has criticized the central government on the ‘Namami Ganga Campaign’. Why is Ganga river polluted despite spending 11 thousand crore rupees? Varun Gandhi has asked who is responsible for this. By tweeting about this, he has targeted the Centre.

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‘Ganga is not just a river but a ‘mother’ for us. Mother Ganga is the basis of life, religion and existence of crores of countrymen. So a budget of Rs 20 thousand crores was passed for Namami Ganga. Why is the river getting polluted despite spending 11 thousand crore rupees so far? Varun Gandhi has asked this question. He has also added a video in the tweet. The video shows dead fish in the Ganga. ‘Ganga is the giver of life, so why do fish die due to polluted water? Whose responsibility is this?’ Varun Gandhi has also asked.

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Importantly, Varun Gandhi has been continuously targeting the central government led by his own party for some time on the issue of unemployment and farmers. Varun Gandhi has come into the limelight after his tweet about Ganga pollution. Many users have retweeted this tweet of Varun Gandhi.

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