Monday, July 25, 2022

BJP responsible for tension in Bihar alliance- Kushwaha; Leaders are urged to avoid making absurd statements

Patna: There is tension in the ruling National Democratic Alliance in Bihar. Senior leader of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s United Janata Dal (JDU) Upendra Kushwaha on Monday openly targeted fellow party BJP for criticism. BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal had criticized that Bihar is fast becoming a center of anti-national terrorist activities. The President of the Legislature Party of the United Janata Dal Kushwaha replied saying that the BJP leaders should avoid making unnecessary statements.

Talking to reporters, Kushwaha said that there is no major point of contention between the two parties. But the statements of BJP leaders often lead to misunderstandings. Ally BJP leaders should refrain from making baseless statements. Asked about Jaiswal’s remarks last week in the wake of the revelations of the Popular Front of India’s (PFI) terror network in Bihar, Kushwaha quipped that the way he talks, he seems to know more about the facts than the administration. If so, they should give their information to the authorities. He should not be accused of hiding sensitive information. There is no danger in Bihar as centers of terrorist activities have been found. Such cases have come to light in many states before. Action is being taken based on available information. The government is trying its best to restore peace in the state.

Jaiswal’s statement is being seen as an attempt to question Nitish Kumar’s tenure as Bihar’s Chief Minister for the longest time. Earlier, he had criticized the government for its failure to allocate central funds, its use of inadequate police force to control anti-‘Agnipath’ protesters targeting the BJP, and its lack of interest in population control measures.

Nitish Kumar is not upset

Kushwaha denied that Nitish’s decision not to attend the swearing-in ceremony of President Draupadi Murmu was taken because of his displeasure with the BJP. He explained that it is not necessary for everyone to attend every event. The President has already been elected. The swearing-in was a mere formality. It cannot be a matter of discussion that the Chief Minister or anyone else does not go to him. The Chief Minister may not have been able to go as he had a lot of work to do.

At the end of this week Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP National President J. P. Asked about Nadda’s planned visit to Bihar, Kushwaha said, “We have nothing to do with it.” They are coming for their party event. Earlier, Kushwaha had said that Nitish Kumar is undoubtedly an influential leader in Bihar. When Kushwaha was asked if he would contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and the 2025 Bihar assembly elections a year later, with the BJP, who can tell what will happen in the future? He asked that question.

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