Saturday, July 30, 2022

'Supreme Court is now a platform to take action against human rights activists'

MUMBAI: The Supreme Court of India was known around the world as a progressive, defender of human rights. However, now it is becoming known as a platform for those who take action against human rights activists, said senior advocate of the Supreme Court, Chander Uday Singh, on Saturday.

At a program organized by the People’s Union for Civil Liberties on ‘Attack on Democracy and Judicial Accountability’, Singh raised questions about the current role of the Supreme Court. Expressing surprise over the Supreme Court’s verdict on social activists Tista Setalwad and Himanshu Kumar, Singh expressed the view that the country is being degraded by targeting human rights defenders.

Senior lawyer Aspi Chinoy said that ‘we are not living in the India of Mahatma Gandhi-Nehru, but in the India of freedom fighter Savarkar’. He also said that we should struggle keeping this matter in mind. You can be targeted for any action against the government. The word secularism is slowly being destroyed. It has become difficult to express. Chinoy also said that the political importance of minorities is being reduced.

At this time, Gayatri Singh, a lawyer in the Bombay High Court, also said what if the Supreme Court orders action against those who are fighting for the justice of the victims like Tista Setalwad, Himanshu Kumar? This question was raised this time.

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