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Gautam Adani's Speech on "Rising Inflation, Defective Health Care, Stumbling Job Creation" | Gautam Adani comment on Inflation Unemployment Health Education in annual meeting of Adani group pbs 91

Chairman of Adani Group and famous businessman By Gautam Adani Addressing the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday (July 26), he mentioned rising inflation, disrupted food supply, increasing displacement of people, failing health services, stagnation in the education sector, instability in the currency market and stumbling job creation. This speech is currently being heavily discussed. In this he also informed about the work done by Adani group.

Gautam Adani said, “The environment the world is going through today will not be enough to call it “uncertain”. Rising inflation, disrupted food supply, increasing displacement of people, failing health services, stagnation in the education sector, volatility in currency markets and stagnant job creation all show that the ability of all countries to deal with the pernicious effects of crises at various levels is at stake.”

“There is no denying that India handled the Covid-19 pandemic better than other countries in the last 18 months. Over 200 million doses of the vaccine were administered in India during these 18 months – more than the combined population of North America, South America and Europe. The world may have received a historical lesson from this. This has proved that no matter how difficult the situation is, India can recover from it,” said Gautam Adani.

Adani added, “India has taken a firm stand in the current Russia-Ukraine conflict without taking sides. Every Indian should be proud of India’s self-confidence as seen through this political stance. This is an indication that India will proudly hold its place in the multipolar international situation of the future. We are often preached about climate change, but India has increased electricity generation from renewable sources despite the Covid and energy crisis.”

“This achievement by India is significant at a time when many developed countries have put their renewable electricity generation targets on hold. India’s electricity generation capacity from renewable sources has increased by 300 percent since 2015. Such power generation in India has seen 125 percent capital investment in 2021-22 as compared to 2020-21. More than 75 percent of the growing demand for electricity is being generated from renewable sources and no one can stop this progress,” Adani added.

“Against all these backdrops, full credit has to be given to the government for the balancing act that India has taken. Many major countries are facing recession as they recover from the Covid crisis. At the same time, the Indian economy is progressing at the fastest pace. From the indications we have received regarding our business, I would say with certainty that the projected 8 per cent growth of India’s economy will actually be seen,” he noted.

Gautam Adani continued, “Now I will tell you something about our company. 2021-22 is an important year for the Adani Group. I often say that pride in our past underlines our potential for the future, and it is from this that we are now making new plans. We stand by our position to invest in India and this investment has not slowed down.”

“Based on the breadth of our business, diversity and our consistent performance, we are well-positioned for future growth. Our belief in the aspirations of India and Indians gives us confidence. Adani’s adoption of policies aligned with India’s progress is the key to success of the Adani Group and I firmly believe that no other country has as much opportunity for progress as India,” Adani said.

“Underlining our confidence in future progress is the $70 billion investment to support India’s move towards green energy. We have already ranked among the world’s leading solar energy manufacturing companies. Based on our capabilities in this area, we will be able to make a major contribution to future efforts to use hydrogen gas as a fuel. “We will play a leading role in India’s transformation from a country heavily dependent on mineral oil and gas to a green energy exporter in the future,” he added.

Adani added, “While our global position in renewable energy is strengthening, we have made significant progress in many other industries over the past 12 months. We are now the largest airport management company in the country. We are in the process of setting up new financial centers around the airport under our management.”

“We are involved in the infrastructure development process in India and have a major stake in businesses like ports, cargo management, power transmission and distribution, pipeline gas, along with the largest road construction projects in the country. After the successful share sale of Adani Wilmar, we have become the largest consumer goods company in the country. Acquired Holcim’s business. It includes reputed companies like ACC and Ambuja Cement. So we have now become the second largest cement producer in the country,” informed Adani.

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“This is an example of our strategy to grow business on affiliate basis. Besides, we have also ventured into data centers, digital super apps and businesses aligned with the government’s “Self-reliant India” policy like defence, aircraft manufacturing, metals, and industrial materials,” he added.

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