Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Independent journalism backbone of democracy Chief Justice; Ramana's opinion

New Delhi : Independent journalism is the backbone of democracy. Independent journalism is vital if democracy is to survive, but it seems to be sorely lacking. The Chief Justice of India, N. V. Ramana expressed.

The Chief Justice was speaking at a book release event organized in New Delhi. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla was also present on the occasion. At that time, the Chief Justice commented on journalism in India. Journalists are the eyes and ears of the public. It is the responsibility of the media to keep the truth before the public. People still believe that what is printed is true. Therefore, it is necessary for the media to limit itself in the form of honest journalism. “Journalism should not be used as a tool for self-influence or expansion of commercial interests,” the Chief Justice said.

Unfortunately, journalists in our country do not get journalism awards like ‘Pulitzer’ and Pulitzer winning journalists are not produced, Ramana said that there is a need to create independent journalists.

The Chief Justice reminded that only the non-commercial media fought for democracy during the days of Emergency. Ramana also opined that the true nature of the media will be assessed in time.

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