Monday, July 25, 2022

Is there pressure from ED to join Shinde group? Arjun Khotkar said, "The same strain on my face..." | Arjun Khotkar comment on ED pressure joining Eknath Shinde Shivsena rebel group pbs 91

Shiv Sena Deputy Leader Arjun Khotkar Chief Minister in Delhi on Monday (July 25). Eknath Shinde And met Union Minister Raosaheb Danve. The Shinde group then claimed that the Khotkars supported Eknath Shinde. Met Khotkar and Raosaheb Danve again today (July 26). After that, tension was felt on his face. Is there pressure from ED to go to Shinde group in this background? Such a question was asked to Khotkar. On this, he made an indicative statement on my face that the stress of the same thing was there. He was talking to ABP Maja.

Arjun Khotkar said, “Me and Eknath Shinde met by chance on Monday (July 25). After that today I came to Raosaheb Danven for tea and breakfast. No one should interpret this differently. Everyone knows the reasons why I am in Delhi. Media can find out why I am in Delhi. Maybe that’s the stress on my face.”

“If there is a crisis, anyone will try to be safe”

“In all these circumstances any man would think. If there is such a crisis, anyone will try to be safe. There is a lot of stress from family and other things. No, difficulties are being created in those things. What will you do?” Arjun Khotkar asked this desperate question. Also, I will talk about this issue in detail when I discuss it,” said Arjun Khotkar.

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“Those who have been given a lot are the ones who betray Uddhav ThackerayOn the statement of Arjun Khotkar said, “Those who formed the party will definitely suffer if their party is in such a state.” It is their right to speak on it,” Khotkar also mentioned.

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