Tuesday, July 26, 2022

"Had it not been for Christians, Tamil Nadu would have become like Bihar"; The leader's statement created a new controversy, BJP also jumped into the controversy Controversy arises after Speaker says Tamil Nadu would have become Bihar if Catholics were not there scsg 91

Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Speaker and DMK leader M Appavu’s statement a month ago has sparked controversy. In this statement, Appavu claimed that the development of Tamil Nadu was due to Christianity. He also said regarding the development of the state that Tamil Nadu would have become Bihar if there were no Christians, which has created a controversy.

Last month, on June 28, Appavu and DM MLA Ingo Rudraraj attended an event at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic School. This time, Appavu addressed the students. In this speech, he said, “If Christians were not here, Tamil Nadu would have become like Bihar. It is the Fathers and Sisters of the Catholic community who have helped me to reach this honorable position today. Government of Tamil Nadu is your government. You made this government. This government has been established due to the blessings received through your prayers and fasts. It is because of the Catholic Christians and the people of this religion that social justice has survived in the modern Dravidian system of government,” he tried to emphasize the importance of Christianity.

“You (Catholic Christians) do not need to depend on anyone else. You should list all your problems and give them directly to the Chief Minister. They won’t say no to anything and will solve all your problems because they know the government is because of you. This is your government and your chief minister. I’m with you on this one. If Christians are removed from the state, there will be no progress in the state. Catholic Christianity is an important reason behind the development of Tamil Nadu. You have built today’s Tamil Nadu state,” Appavu also said in his speech.

Now this speech of Appavu a month ago has gone viral on social media. BJPHe has criticized the DMK over this issue. Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker is being criticized for these statements. Tamil Nadu BJP Vice President and Spokesperson Ranayan targeted Appavu on social media. “Is this DMK’s secularism? They have lost the right to call themselves a secular party. Now it has been proved that DMK is an anti-Hindu party,” said Narayana.

But Appavu while criticizing BJP said that BJP is trying to polarize on this issue. “If they are making my speech viral, that is good. I will not say that I did not say so. Yes, I said it. But few sentences have gone viral on social media. What I have said is history. There is no need to politicize this,” said Appavu while talking to ANI.

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