Thursday, July 28, 2022

Judges have limits to target! ; Supreme Court's displeasure with the media

New Delhi : The Supreme Court has expressed displeasure over media reports that the Supreme Court is delaying hearing a plea regarding the increasing attacks on Christian institutions and clergy. Judges are limited in their targeting, the court said.

Justice D. Y. A hearing was held in this regard on Thursday before the bench of Justice Chandrachud and Justice Suryakant. At that time, the judge spoke harshly about the mischievous reports in the media. “During the last hearing, I was sick with corona. But you published the news in the newspapers that the Supreme Court is delaying the hearing. “Who is supplying you with news,” asked Chandrachud, saying there should be limits to targeting judges. “I saw news online that the judge delayed the hearing. But the real reason is that one of the two-member bench was infected with coronavirus and could not hold the hearing. We are starting the hearing now, otherwise there would have been another news of delay in the hearing, the court said.

Senior advocate Colin Gonsalves has filed a petition in this regard. The petition states that 45 to 50 attacks on Christian institutions and pastors take place every month across the country.

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