Thursday, July 28, 2022

Muharram procession will not take place in Kanpur, local Muslim leaders have decided

Local Muslim leaders have decided not to hold Muharram processions in Kanpur this year. He said that this decision was taken to maintain peace and law and order in the city in the wake of the violence that took place on June 3. He also said that he has given a written letter to the police administration in this regard.

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In order to maintain law and order in the city, both the Khalifas of Tanjim-ul-Paik Qasid-e-Hussain and Tanjim Nishan-e-Pak Qasid-e-Husain have decided not to take out the Muharram procession in Kanpur this year. He has also informed the police administration about this. Both Khalifas met Joint Commissioner of Police Anand Prakash Tiwari on Friday. In the meeting held on this occasion, it was said that the atmosphere in the city should remain calm in the wake of the violence that took place on June 3, so this decision was taken.

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Considering the atmosphere in the city, we have decided not to take out the procession this year. Therefore, no one should prepare for the procession, responded Khalifa Agha Mian of Tanjim-al-Paik Qasid-e-Hussain. He also appealed to everyone to help so that there is peace in the city. Looking at the tense atmosphere in the city, care should be taken that law and order does not deteriorate, said Khalifa Shakeel Ahmad Khan of Tanjim Nishan-e-Pak Qasid-e-Hussain.

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