Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Wage injustice against women in health care around the world

– Bhakti Bisure

The International Labor Organization and the World Health Organization have revealed the fact that women in the health sector are being unfairly treated worldwide in terms of pay scale. According to a joint report published by both organizations, the wage gap between women and men in the health sector is more than in other economic sectors and it has been reported that women in the health sector are paid 24 percent less than men. This report has revealed that women who contribute as much as men in many aspects like age, education, working hours, skills, but get less salary than men.

About 67 percent of women work in health services globally. The report of the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization show that the salary range in this sector is lower than that of many other sectors, and usually the salary ranges in those sectors where the proportion of female employees is higher are also lower than in other sectors. In this report, despite the fact that women in the health sector contributed to medical services by risking equal to men during the Corona period, there is no equal salary range for women and men. In all countries of the world there is a disparity between the pay ranges of women and men in the health sector. Whether it is more or less is a difference, but the World Health Organization explains that there is no example of women being paid more than men.

Equal Pay Needed for Health Care Empowerment –

Equal pay policy for women and men employees is essential to make health facilities more efficient, flexible and sustainable. Most of the employees in the health sector are women. For them, there is a need to devise policies that create equal wages, good quality infrastructure, safety at workplaces. For this, the need for joint efforts of health and employee organizations at all levels is also being highlighted.

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