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Which PUMA Soccer Ball Should I Get? - The Center Circle - A SoccerPro Soccer Fan Blog

Choosing the perfect soccer ball is no easy task, especially if you’re a fan of PUMA. That’s what we’re here for, to help you get the perfect pick for this season. If you’re not sure, want to know more, or just need direction on what PUMA soccer ball to get, keep reading!

Premium Match

PUMA is one of the oldest and most well known brands in the game of soccer. However, over recent years they have been updating their technology in everything they do, especially ball design. The latest match ball from PUMA is the Orbita and has been most recently used by Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A. 


PUMA’s high-end match balls have been designed to bolster improved flight and aerodynamics. This soccer ball has been engineered with a 12-panel design that is of equal size and reduced seams. This allows for a more balanced weight that is more achievable than ever before. PUMA’s match ball design also allows for improved flight behavior meaning that you can strike the ball with enhanced accuracy and precision. The improvements in flight path come from larger and deeper seams that increase air flow and ensure the ball follows a truer path. 

An innovative POE foam design has been implemented to improve grip, rebound, and power when settling and striking the ball. This POE foam design also allows for a more durable surface for longer ball use. The triple layered foam design also offers a more water repellent surface so playing in every weather condition is totally possible. This ball is FIFA quality certified, which means it has undergone serious testing to ensure that the pros have the most elite soccer ball performance. 


If you’re looking for a ball that is designed for optimal performance but at a much lower cost the Match Ball is what you’ve been waiting for. The Match Ball is home to similar technology and features as the competition match, but is at a more affordable price point. 


The Match Ball from PUMA has been designed with a thermabond adhesive design for lasting shape, improved flight, and bound. On the exterior of the ball you’ll find a soft TPE foam that is paired with TPU casing that allows you to find the sweet spot of the ball much easier. The casing of the ball with the thermabond adhesive improves the overall flight and precision of the ball for high-level performance. A textured pattern on the casing of the ball also makes way for more precise touches and improved control when you strike, pass, and dribble.

The interior of the ball has been engineered with a rubber bladder to improve durability and keep the ball aired up for far longer. The match ball is also FIFA quality certified and is home to several NFHS soccer balls which means they can be used in high school soccer games and still boast elite performance. If you want a ball designed for high performance and use on multiple surfaces at a lower cost, the Match ball is the perfect ball for you.

Cage, Graphic, and Training

The key to becoming a better soccer player starts with your training. When you’re training you want to make sure you have the ball perfect for just that. PUMA is home to Cage and Graphic soccer balls that are perfect to train and become the best player in the world. 


PUMA’s training soccer balls are the most affordable and arguably most durable ball for training and low-level matches. These soccer balls are perfect if you are just starting out in the game, looking to train on your own, or just play pick up with your friends. The casing of this ball is typically stitched and features more panels to ensure durability and use on every surface imaginable. 

These soccer balls also do not need to be aired up nearly as much as the high-end soccer balls. This means that you can use the ball as much as you want, especially at training and never have to worry about using the ball again. These super affordable soccer balls typically feature cool and unique graphics, even some representing your favorite clubs and players! Perfecting your skills and playing with your friends is the perfect reason to grab one of these affordable soccer balls from PUMA.

In Conclusion

PUMA’s world renowned quality and technology is something that everyone wants to get their hands on. However, choosing the perfect soccer ball from the brand can be extremely difficult. Hopefully this helped you determine what soccer ball is best for you, but if you are still unsure let’s break it down one more time.

Premium Match – The most elite quality soccer ball from PUMA, but also the most expensive. Home to all the latest soccer ball technology that has been engineered for the Pros to use. These soccer balls are perfect for high level players in the biggest matches and competitions of the season. All Premium Match balls are FIFA quality certified. 

Match – Perfect for highly competitive players. Most Match balls are NFHS and FIFA quality certified, making these the perfect ball for high school soccer players. They are home to similar technology as the Premium Match ball and are much more affordable. 

Case, Graphic, and Training – Designed to grow your game. These are the perfect ball to train, play pick up with your friends, and take with you anywhere you go. They are at an extremely affordable price point and are very durable, but do not feature the high tech qualities of the Match and Premium Match balls.

Now that you know which PUMA soccer ball to get your hands on, make sure you grab yours for the upcoming season at SoccerPro.com!


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