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bitchy | ‘Sources close to Brad Pitt’ insist that Angelina is trying to ‘inflict pain’ on Brad

I’d like to point out that the news articles covering the FOIA story about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are merely repeating the FBI’s documentation of Angelina Jolie’s statements in 2016. I don’t know if the FBI documents revealed in the FOIA suit were only partial records of the investigation, or if significant parts of the records were heavily redacted. There’s another option too – what if the FBI didn’t fully investigate the assault and these ARE the only records? Because what I find curious is that in the record release we have seen, there are no statements from Brad Pitt in 2016. There are no witness statements from the kids or the pilot of the plane or anyone else who might have been on the plane, like private security guards. We don’t even know if Brad, Angelina and the children were the only people on the plane besides the pilot. Just from what I’ve seen and covered, it looks like Jolie gave thorough and detailed statements plus evidence of her injuries to the FBI and that’s all that happened, that’s as far as it went.

I bring this up because Brad Pitt and his team are completely panicked this week, given all of the coverage of the FBI documents released in the FOIA suit. I’ve seen Team Pitt’s comments peppered in articles in TMZ, Page Six, NBC News and now People Magazine. Pitt’s team went to People for their most intensive smear on Jolie this week. I’m shocked that People ran this story with these quotes. Maybe People Mag was like “hey, it makes him look like a pig, so why not.” I hope that was the rationale. From this disgusting People article:

Brad Pitt thinks ex Angelina Jolie is setting out to hurt him by making details public from the 2016 altercation that led to their divorce, a source close to Pitt tells PEOPLE.

A source close to Pitt claims that both he and Jolie have had the documents in question for six years, and Jolie likely meant to “revive an issue that was painful for everybody and was resolved six years ago. They investigated it. They prepared materials, reviewed it together and decided not to charge him,” says the source.

“What are the motivations of a person to take up court time and public resources in filing an anonymous FOIA request for material they have had for years? There’s only one: to inflict the most amount of pain on her ex. There is no benefit to this. It is harmful to the children and the entire family for this to be made public.”

Jolie had alleged to the FBI that Pitt grabbed, pushed and shouted at her on the plane, scaring her and their kids with his behavior. Both parties reported injuries, and she claimed there was $25,000 of damage done to the private jet.

Says the Pitt source, “This is not a factual document. This is what she claimed happened. It was investigated and there were no charges brought. It’s standard for these types of things to not be released.”

Pitt and Jolie were declared legally single by a judge back in 2019. They are parents to Maddox, 21, Pax, 18, Zahara, 17, Shiloh, 16, and 14-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox. Their custody battle is ongoing.

The source adds that Pitt is “generally in a good headspace considering the frustrations around these circumstances. It’s wave after wave of attempts to hurt him,” says the source. “He has remained virtually completely silent other than to acknowledge things he could do better. He has remained silent on this issue because he knows that’s the best thing for his kids, what’s best for everybody. He has maintained that stance despite a never-ending barrage of attacks and attempts made to use the courts against him.”

[From People]

Jolie likely meant to “revive an issue that was painful for everybody and was resolved six years ago…” Painful for… Brad Pitt? It was painful for him to terrorize his wife and children in an enclosed space for hours? It was painful for him to spend the next six years smearing her and taking her to court and “punishing” her for leaving him? “What are the motivations of a person to take up court time and public resources in filing an anonymous FOIA request for material they have had for years?” Again, Angelina clearly did NOT have this FBI file. I’m not even sure the FOIA request gave her the full FBI file, considering how much is missing from the investigative information we’ve seen. Angelina wouldn’t have been able to hire a high-powered and very serious human rights attorney in DC to represent her in this situation if this was just some kind of stunt to “make Brad look bad.”

Why does Brad keep insisting that Jolie’s raison d’être is “hurting Brad”? She’s spent the past six years trying to protect her kids and help them heal, while also trying to untangle herself legally and financially from Brad. Don’t tell me, I know why Brad keeps going on and on about how she’s out to get him. A classic DARVO tactic, quelle surprise.

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