Tuesday, August 2, 2022

car belonging to Go First airline went under IndiGo aircraft in delhi

A few days ago, IndiGo Airlines diverted its Hyderabad-bound flight to Karachi due to a technical glitch. While this incident is fresh, an accident between a Go First Airlines car and an IndiGo flight was narrowly averted. A Go First Airlines car went directly under an IndiGo plane parked at the airport. The car was about to hit the front wheel of the plane, but the accident was narrowly avoided. The incident took place at the Delhi airport.

According to the information received, the A320 of Indigo Airlines was going to take off to Patna at Delhi airport shortly. But before that, a car of Go First Airlines came under the plane. This car was going to hit the front wheel of the plane.

There was no loss of life in this incident. However, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation is going to investigate the incident. After this incident, the car driver was detained. He was also examined to know if he had consumed alcohol. But the test revealed that he had not consumed any alcohol while driving. This Indigo Airlines flight was to take flight from Delhi to Patna city. This incident happened earlier.

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