Thursday, August 4, 2022

Chinese missile attack in Taiwan sea

Beijing: Defying China’s opposition, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has raised new war fears. China launched a missile attack in the Taiwan Strait on Thursday as part of a military exercise. A statement was made by the Chinese Army that the ‘expected result’ was achieved by attacking the target accurately.

China has claimed Taiwan for years. There is tension between the two countries as China repeatedly claims that Taiwan is part of our country. China began firing back after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a one-day visit to Taiwan. But despite China’s opposition, Palosi completed the tour. It then warned Taiwan and indirectly the US by conducting war drills on Thursday.

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PPA) launched direct fire at water and airspace in the vicinity of Taiwan, according to a report by China’s state-run news channel. Bombardment of designated locations in the eastern part of the Taiwan Strait. It was said on behalf of the PPA that the army exercise will end at 12 noon on Sunday. China’s state media, Xinhua, said that during the exercise, a campaign of blockade, attack on sea targets, control of the air force was planned.

Bitter opposition from Japan

Although China has launched a missile attack on Taiwan, Japan has bitterly opposed it as some of the missiles fell within Japan’s territory. Some of the 11 missiles fired by China at Taiwan landed in Japan. The Defense Minister of Japan has expressed strong displeasure about this and said that this is a very serious matter. This is directly related to the security of the country and we cannot compromise on it, said the Defense Minister of Japan

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