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CJ Perry Reveals She Cried After Survivor Series 2020 Because She Didn't Get To Wrestle





Posted By: Guy Incognito on Aug 19, 2022

CJ Perry Reveals She Cried After Survivor Series 2020 Because She Didn't Get To Wrestle

CJ Perry was recently a guest on Busted Open Radio, where she revealed that she actually cried after Survivor Series 2020 because she didn’t get a chance to wrestle.

“A funny story, about the payoff [going through tables courtesy of Nia Jax]. Survivor Series came and Nia was supposed to put me through a table in the middle of the match, and that had to change because of politics. I’ll leave it at that [laughs]. We had all this crazy stuff planned. We had planned….Bayley was excited about it, Bianca, everyone was super excited. I was going to be doing a bunch of wrestling. We get there, and then Vince changes everything. He pulls TJ [Tyson Kidd] and is like, “I don’t want Lana in the ring at all. She is just going to stand there and win by countout.’ TJ at least fought for me to get in the ring and do a little bit of wrestling in the middle of the match. ‘You have to give it a little bit.’ He fought for that, and thankfully it happened. I still won by count out, and I was devastated. Literally devastated. I’m crying to Pat Buck. I run to the corner and I was acting dramatic. ‘You girls are so dramatic, most of us boys would be like Yeah! I don’t have to get in!’ I’m crying in the corner, I call Nattie, she comes to me, ‘I’m just winning by standing there.’ ‘You’re still winning, it’s okay.’ ‘I just want to prove myself. I want to wrestle.’ Nattie, Pat, Miro, TJ were like, ‘Calm down, you’re still winning.’ That was an example of how much I wanted to wrestle. I didn’t want to win in those situations, which is pro wrestling, so maybe I shouldn’t have been so emotional. I wanted the chance to prove…I was a babyface at the time. I just wanted to wrestle and show what I was training for.”

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