Friday, August 19, 2022

Conservative Lawyer Dug Around And Discovered Dems Can't Stop Trump, Even if They Tried...

The Democrats and GOP establishment are doing everything they can think of to stop President Trump from running in 2024. They kicked things off by dragging the January 6th nonsense back up again and tried their best to make Americans care that Chuck Schumer’s fax machine was vandalized. Sadly for them, it didn’t work. New polling shows the needle was not moved one iota. Look, most people see January 6th as a rally that got out of hand for a few hours. It certainly was nowhere near the horror that we saw for months during the left-wing “Summer of Love,” where over 20 people were killed and the country was set ablaze by liberal rioters.

So, since the J6 reboot backfired, they’re now switching gears to communist “FBI raids” and phony espionage charges, hoping to arrest President Trump and make it impossible for him to run in 2024.

Well, the chances of them arresting him are almost 100 percent, I would actually be shocked if they didn’t, but stopping him from running in 2024 is a whole ‘nother story.

That’s what conservative lawyer Robert Barnes is saying. If Dems are hoping to charge and convict President Trump of a phony crime, hoping to make it impossible for him to run, they’ve got another thing coming. Barnes says the question about whether someone who’s been convicted of a crime can be on the ballot has already been answered… and that answer is “YES.”

Here’s what Robert Barnes said: “The question of whether a person can be on the ballot for President after a criminal conviction was already answered. Yes, as the Constitution allows. See Eugene Debs, 1920.”

What the Dems are hoping for, is that they can take President Trump down by once again using their pals in the media and Big Tech. They’re hoping they can sully his name and create an entire “whirlwind” of espionage coverage and a new nasty narrative, following the same blueprint as the Russia Hoax, and convince Americans that President Trump is a ticking time bomb who stole nuclear secrets in order to sail the country down the river.

Now, will average Americans believe this nonsense? I’d hope not, but many dummies will. We’ll see how this plays out, but I am warning you, this is going to get really ugly. Because the Dems DESPERATELY need to make sure that President Trump does not win the White House for the third time… we need to be ready and fight back harder than ever before.

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