Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Contest for the British Prime Ministership; Truss lead over Sunak

London: The findings of the latest survey conducted among members of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party have been released. Accordingly, Foreign Minister Liz Truss has gained a big lead over former Finance Minister and former Vice-Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

The same members of the Conservative Party will vote for the party leadership. The person chosen as the party leader will succeed the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson. For ‘The Times’, a well-known analyst organization ‘YouGov’ conducted a survey for five days. According to his findings, Truce is leading Sunak by almost 38 percentage points. 69 percent of party members who participated in the survey supported Truss, the current foreign minister, while 31 percent of party members are in favor of Sunak. In a July 20 YouGov poll, Truss received 62 percent support, while 38 percent of party members favored Sunak.

YouGov explained that in the early stages of the race for Prime Minister, 21 percent of Conservative Party members were undecided on how and who to vote for. This figure has now come down to 13 percent, and Truce seems to be benefiting the most. Eighty-three percent of members who supported Truss said they were firm in their support. 17 percent said they may change their opinion.

60 percent versus 26 percent

According to The Times, 60 percent of Conservative Party members said they would vote for Truce. 26 percent members supported Sunak. Support for the rest is yet to be determined. Surveys show that Truss is ahead of Sunak across all age groups and across different parts of the country. Sunak has a lead over Truce in only one category. This category refers to party members who supported Britain remaining in the European Union (EU) in 2016. However, the paradox is that Sunak supported ‘Brexit’ (exiting from the European Union). Truce supported staying in the European Union.

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