Wednesday, August 3, 2022

"No decision needed on party symbol", first reaction from Shiv Sena after Supreme Court hearing, says Arvind Sawant... | First reaction from Shivsena Arvind Sawant on Supreme Court hearing on Shivsena rebel pbs 91

Supreme Court A hearing was held on Thursday (August 4) on the petitions filed regarding rebellion in Shiv Sena and power struggle in Maharashtra. This time the court to the Election Commission Shiv Sena Advised not to take any major decision regarding party symbol. The first reaction has come from Shiv Sena. MP Arvind Sawant has expressed the opinion that arguments will not work in this case, but the law will.

Arvind Sawant said, “The way the Supreme Court cross-examined their lawyers on Wednesday (August 3), they did not raise any constitutional issue. He also made no mention of the law. He continued to make logical arguments. It was then realized that their reasoning would not work, but the law would.”

“The court questioned lawyer Salve on what he did during the 10 days we gave him. He also said that you should not even speak, give a straight statement. That statement has been received today. The Chief Justice had earlier said that we will make a constitution bench. Accordingly, the matter will go to the Constitution Bench,” said Arvind Sawant.

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“We cannot completely ignore political parties”

The Chief Justice made a very important comment on the power struggle in Maharashtra. He said, “We cannot completely ignore the political party as it is dangerous for democracy.” Senior advocate Harish Salve argued on behalf of the Shinde group.

On behalf of the Shinde group, Salve raised some points today (August 4) presenting his arguments anew. Does the President have the right to disqualify a member under the 10th Schedule on finding that he has voted against the party’s position? This has been asked by Harish Salve.

“The Prohibition of Defection Act cannot be an Anti-Dissent Act”

Salve said, “The Prohibition of Defection Act cannot be an anti-dissent law. What should MLAs do if the President delays taking a decision for one to two months? A defection law cannot be an anti-dissent law.”

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