Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Despite China's opposition, Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is complete; Off to South Korea; Will also visit Singapore, Malaysia and Japan

AP, Taipei : US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrapped up her visit to Taiwan on Wednesday despite strong opposition from China. A delegation of five US representatives, including Pelosi, left for South Korea from Taiwan. Pelosi will also visit Singapore, Malaysia and Japan during her Asia tour.

Earlier, during the visit to Taiwan, the delegation assured that the US is committed to Taiwan and will not back down. Pelosi is the first Speaker of the US House of Representatives to visit Taiwan in 25 years. In a brief statement after meeting Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, it was mentioned that today the world is faced with the challenge of choosing between democracy and autocracy. The United States is committed to the defense of Taiwan and democratic countries around the world.

According to China’s claim, China opposes direct talks with Taiwan by foreign governments as it is a Chinese territory. China on Tuesday night warned the US delegation not to visit Taiwan. However, after that, Pelosi and the delegation visited Taiwan. After that, China started military exercises in the area in the Chahu direction of Taiwan. America was warned of the consequences in harsh language.

China’s warning to America

Meanwhile, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Xi Feng summoned US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns late on Tuesday and expressed strong opposition to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. According to China’s state news agency Xinhua, Xi Feng said Pelosi visited Taiwan despite China’s protest. America will have to pay for these mistakes. Xi Feng asked the US to immediately clarify the matter and take steps to avoid possible negative consequences of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China also advised that the United States should avoid such wrong ways in order to avoid the deterioration of Sino-US relations due to the escalation of tension in the Taiwan Strait.

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