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EC3 On Control Your Narrative: "I'm A Liar. I'm Full Of Sh**. Who Cares?"





Posted By: Guy Incognito on Aug 17, 2022

EC3 On Control Your Narrative: "I'm A Liar. I'm Full Of Sh**. Who Cares?"

EC3 was recently a guest on the NWA podcast, where he spoke about Control Your Narrative and the fallout of that attempt at creating something different for the professional wrestling industry.

“I never said I’m not a hypocrite. When I talk about three-letter brands, I actually became one when I was rallying against them. I’m a liar, I’m full of shit. Who cares. The narrative is not controlled, per se, because what I really believe with comments and social media and dopamine hits and quick responses, oftentimes, it’s a vocal minority, to say the least. Who is boldly watching, without their finger on the button commenting, is silent. People that are silent, don’t want to be silent anymore. What I’m realizing in wrestling and in the industry, there is more of us than them.”

EC3 compared himself to Billy Corgan.

“Your President [Billy Corgan] and I are very like-minded, we’re both Pisces and we share the same birthday, so we’re both masterminds of creative ingenuity. We also see the landscape of wrestling and how it’s changed and the microcosm of one sect of fans have totally and completely foregone the millions upon millions that watched in years past. Trying to reach out to them and provide them with something of context and substance and character and story.”  

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