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Here's Which Cocktails The Royal Women Love To Drink

When it comes to a nice cocktail, the women of the royal family aren’t ones to abstain. From Queen Elizabeth all the way down to Princess Eugenie, the family’s tastes in alcoholic beverages are just as refined as you might expect. Here are some of the royal women’s favorite drinks that you might want to add to your home bar.

Princess Eugenie Keeps It Simple

Back in 2016 while describing to Harper’s Bazaar a day in her busy life, Princess Eugenie revealed her go-to weekend cocktail. “My favorite drink is vodka soda with loads of lime. Can’t beat that,” the princess declared.

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It’s on the less complicated end of the spectrum when it comes to ingredients and flavor profiles, but there are plenty of ways to spruce up this staple. With a bit of muddled cucumber and mint leaves for garnish, anyone can turn this straightforward cocktail into a refreshing summer classic—while still drinking like royalty!

Meghan Markle Is A Proper Connoisseur

When it comes to the Duchess of Sussex’s favorite alcoholic beverage, she’s not messing around! Back in 2012, Markle dished to Today about her favorite vice. “At the end of a long day, there is nothing I enjoy more than a glass of wine. I used to be of the ‘it doesn’t matter, so long as it’s red’ persuasion, but then I grew up, and so did my palate.”

So, what vintage does Markle reach for to unwind? Her favorite seems to be a glass of Tignanello—a luxurious Italian blended red wine. At one point, the former actress was so fond of the drink that she named her old lifestyle blog The Tig after the boozy beverage.

As for finding Markle’s coveted concoction, you probably won’t stumble upon it in your average grocery store. If you manage to get your hands on the top-shelf variety, you’ll probably be spending at least $100 to enjoy the full-bodied red.

Kate Middleton Likes To Mix It Up

Who knew the Duchess of Cambridge was a pub girl at heart? Kate Middleton has been pictured on multiple occasions with a pint of Guinness, but she isn’t afraid to branch out! Middleton has embarked on multiple wine tours all across the world. And various reports claim her favorite drink is anything from an American whiskey to a simple glass of Chardonnay.

If you want to drink like the Duchess of Cambridge, whatever you have on hand should do—but be sure not to get too boozy. The true Middleton drinking experience requires you to keep your composure so you can tackle your royal duties with grace the next morning.

The Queen’s Favorite Tipple Has A Long History

What kind of cocktail is fit for a queen? Well, that would have to be Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved Dubonnet and gin. This mixture is a citrusy and herbal delight that first gained popularity in the 1920s. It was said to be favored by the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth I, who introduced it to her daughter.

This cocktail is a bit of a lost art, but it isn’t difficult to make. Just grab a bottle of Dubonnet rouge, your favorite gin, and a slice of lemon. It may sound simple, but the flavor is complex thanks to the Dubonnet. The French favorite is a blend of fortified wine infused with various herbs and spices like black tea varietals, blackcurrant, and quinine.

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The queen even awarded the French wine company with a coveted Royal Warrant in 2021. The Firm only distributes this honor to people or companies who have served the Royal Family in a significant way. What more convincing do you need? This is definitely one we’ll be adding to our home bar.

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