Wednesday, August 17, 2022

In the case of political embarrassment in the state, now also the petition of the citizens; A request to the Supreme Court to hear the voter's opinion

Pune : Among the various petitions filed in the Supreme Court earlier due to the political dilemma in the state, the intervention petition of the citizens has also been included. A demand has been made to the court through a petition that citizens should also be heard in this matter. Social activist Dr. Vishwambhar Chaudhary, Ranjan Belkhode, Saurabh Ashokrao Thackeray (Patil) Adv. This petition has been filed through Asim Sarode, and along with other petitions in this case, this petition will also be heard on August 22.

Regarding the purpose of filing the citizen’s petition, the petitioner Dr. Choudhary said that political leaders do not seem to be following the basic structure of Indian democracy and the responsibility of respecting voting. The dishonest and illegal behavior of political leaders has now reached the turning point of anti-constitutional action. Political leaders seem to be constantly making inferences that will benefit themselves with regard to the loopholes in the Tenth Schedule and the provisions of the Prohibition of Defection Act.

The immorality of joining any party whenever desired is dangerous to the concept of stable governance. Therefore, the purpose of the intervention petition is to let the Supreme Court know about the cheating of the voters and what the voters say. Any such democratic process must survive without undermining the basic structure of the Indian Constitution. Elections are conducted through voting and democracy functions. But Saurabh Thackeray said that the petition raised the point that the politics which the voters consider insignificant after this process is wrong. Belkhede said that if the voters vote for a particular party by looking at the party symbol, then the voters should not say anything later as citizens about the tendency of the candidates to change the party and express their loyalty to another political party.

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