It happens to everyone. Wrestlers are tricky subjects to deal with because while they are there to do their job, there is a whole world backstage that we do not see on camera. That area can often be filled with drama of one kind or another and it can cause issues in front of the camera. That seems like it is taking place at the moment with a major promotion and something needs to change.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is a lot of “drama” backstage at the moment in AEW, especially among some of the top names. This time is said to be worse than usual, with several wrestlers being said to be close to their breaking points. One of the main issues is due to Colt Cabana nearly being cut from the company but instead being sent to Ring Of Honor. There are different versions of why the change was made, including unspecified issues involving CM Punk and Hangman Page. It is not clear how AEW is handling the situation or what might happen if it continues.

Opinion: You can only get so far with limited details, but it is pretty clear that Punk and Cabana’s issues are causing problems for quite a few people. AEW bringing in Punk makes sense, but it isn’t fair to Cabana to lose his job because Punk is there. I’m not sure who or what is the underlying cause of these issues, but AEW needs to come up with some way to fix these things before they get a lot worse.

What do you think of the situation? How can AEW make things better? Let us know in the comments below.

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