Thursday, August 4, 2022

Jammu and Kashmir: Grenade attack in Pulwama area, one laborer killed, two injured

Terrorists have carried out a grenade attack in Gadura area of ​​Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. In this attack, one laborer died and two others were injured. The name of the deceased laborer has been identified as Mohammad Mumtaz and he was a native of Bihar state.

The police station here has given the information about this incident. According to the police, the name of the laborer who died in this incident is Mohammad Mumtaz. He is a native of Sakwa Pasara in the state of Bihar. The names of those injured in this attack are Mohammad Arif and Mohammad Majbool. These laborers are also residents of Rampur in the state of Bihar. His condition is now stable,” said the police here. Meanwhile, a blockade has been ordered in this area after the incident. A few days ago there were incidents of attacks on citizens who were not originally from Jammu and Kashmir but had gone there for business. These incidents had stopped for the past few months. But now once again the system has been alerted as the terrorists have targeted the citizens of Bihar state through grenade attack.

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