Friday, August 19, 2022

Joe Walsh tries picking a fight with the Libertarian Party over Liz Cheney and it goes SO WRONG for the guy who threatened to take up a musket for Trump

The Libertarian Party seems even LESS impressed with Liz Cheney than many people in her own party. Gosh, almost as if they realize her family dynasty is known for sending Americans to war and stuff …

Now, we don’t know what Joe Walsh was thinking but for whatever reason, he not only defended Liz, but acted like his joining the Libertarian Party would have been doing them a favor. Yeah, this guy isn’t really good at any of this anymore, like he totally lost himself when Trump wasn’t overwhelmed with his offering to pick up a musket if he didn’t win in 2016.

This is the same guy who got busted for dropping slurs on his show.

Apparently, he believes in freedom though or something.

Yeah, this was dumb.

He really set himself up for the drop from the Libertarian Party.

Seems the Libertarian Party doesn’t want Joe either.


We thought Joe had already declared himself a Democrat? Like over and over again.

Seems nobody really cares what he does unless it’s us and we’re pointing and laughing at him.

Right? Joe could lead it … with his pal, Liz.



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