Friday, August 19, 2022

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Anniversary Update Adding New Game Modes

A trailer just dropped for Kena: Bridge of Spirits that shows off the new content being added with the “Anniversary Update.” This update will be free and is releasing on September 27, 2022 (via IGN). On this date, the game will also become available for the first time on Steam, as it was previously an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC.

The content to be added is quite substantial for a free update, likely enough to bring back players that have already had their fill of the base game. It adds a new game+, allowing the player to start a new playthrough with abilities already unlocked. It also adds customization options for Kena in the form of outfits, a much-requested feature the base game did not have. Beyond that, they’ve added new enemies, new boss phases, new abilities, and a new gameplay customization option called charmstones, which let you give Kena certain situational buffs. For example, giving Kena eight seconds of increased melee damage after being hit. Some charmstones, however, hinder you, allowing for a greater challenge.


The most substantial addition in the update is a new game mode, the Spirit Guide Challenge Trials. This game mode will involve both combat and puzzle solving. A PlayStation blog post reveals that the trials are divided into obstacle courses, wave defenses and boss reflects. Obstacle courses are playable platforming challenges. Wave defences are a type of round-based horde mode, where enemy combinations become increasingly more difficult with each subsequent wave. Lastly, boss reflects is a mode that allows players to replay the game’s boss battles.

These trials will be how players unlock the new outfits Kena can wear, all inspired by the characters you meet throughout the story. Completing specific bonus objectives within trials will give players even more variations, by allowing them to change the outfit’s colors. An exclusive attire called the shadow outfit will only be available to those who order the deluxe edition of the game.

The update for Kena: Bridge of Spirits releases on September 27.

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