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Monkeypox in India: Fifth case of monkeypox in Kerala, what is the total number of cases in India? Read... | One more Monkeypox infected patient in Kerala know status of India pbs 91

MonkeypoxAfter the death of one person with symptoms, on Tuesday (August 2), another person has been diagnosed with monkeypox in Kerala. Now the total number of monkeypox infected patients in Kerala has gone up to five. With this, the number of people infected with monkeypox in the country has gone up to seven. The patient found in Kerala had recently arrived from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to ANI news agency, Kerala Health Minister Veena George has confirmed the new monkeypox infection. He also informed that the newly infected 30-year-old patient is undergoing treatment at Malappuram. The patient had arrived from the United Arab Emirates on July 27.

Meanwhile, 20 people have been kept in isolation in Kerala after a person with monkeypox-like symptoms died on Monday (August 1). The administration also informed that the newly infected patient has come in contact with a total of 10 family members and friends.

How monkeypox has spread so far?

In humans, monkeypox was first identified in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in nine-year-old children. Devi disease was eradicated in this area in 1968. Subsequently, many cases were found in the rainforests and rural areas of the Congo basin. Benin, Cameroon, The Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Nigeria, South Sudan have been found in 11 countries of Africa since 1970. Outside of Africa, the first cases of the disease were reported in the United States in 2003. After that in 2018, 2019 and 2021 this disease is spreading in various countries. Since January 2022, monkeypox outbreaks have been occurring even in countries that have not previously experienced monkeypox outbreaks. Most of the patients are currently found in Europe and America.

How serious is Monkeypox compared to Corona??

Compared to Corona, this disease is not very serious and in the patients found so far, its form is mild to moderate. Out of the 14,533 cases reported worldwide, only two patients required admission to the intensive care unit, while five patients died. In most patients, the symptoms of this disease subside automatically after a few weeks. In some patients, its form is severe. The disease can be severe in newborns, immunocompromised children, or people with chronic illnesses. If complications occur in these diseases, there is a possibility of pneumonia, sepsis, brain complications, retinal infection etc. Its mortality rate is 0 to 10 percent. But the World Health Organization has said that vigilance is necessary to prevent its spread.

Why was monkeypox declared a health sector emergency??

Although the form of monkeypox is mild compared to corona virus, outbreaks are also occurring in countries where it has not spread so far. It has been found to affect children and pregnant women. The concrete reasons are still not clear as to how it is spreading in other countries. It has also been found that there is some difference in the symptoms of this disease. For all these reasons, the World Health Organization has declared it an emergency of international concern. Due to this, it will be possible to prevent the spread of this disease by creating a large amount of public awareness.

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What is the difference between Monkeypox and Corona??

Both monkeypox and coronavirus are caused by two different viruses and spread in different ways. Monkeypox is a DNA virus and is the largest virus compared to other DNA viruses. The mutation rate of monkeypox virus is much less than that of RNA virus like Corona or Ebola. So it is a stable virus. So far, no evidence of any type of mutation has been found in the monkeypox virus, said Dr. of the World Health Organization. Explained by Rosemond Lewis. Although monkeypox is an animal-borne disease, it can be transmitted from animals to humans and from person to person.

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Monkeypox can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact with fluid from an infected rash, sexual intercourse, sores or wounds, or skin-to-skin contact. It can also be transmitted through contact with clothing used by an infected person, as well as prolonged association with such persons, through his or her sneezes or sputum coming out of the mouth.

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