Friday, August 19, 2022

Morfydd Clark Is Leaning Into the LOTR Vibe - Go Fug Yourself

You all know I don’t typically love the elbow bags, unless they are being used to sneak Diet Coke and various meat-flavored potato chips into an event. (The meat flavoring is not a requirement, but IS a bonus. Ooh, I love a fake meat powder.) But Morfydd is playing a younger Galadriel, the most powerful and best of all the Elves, and this outfit absolutely feels like something a beautiful, all-knowing, but sorceress would wear to the Middle-earth Prom. You know, formal enough that everyone still knows you’re a complete boss, but not so imposingly powerful that nobody’s going to try and make out with you in a dark corner.

[Photo: Cristopher Rogel Blanquet/Getty Images]

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