Friday, August 19, 2022

Ridge Holland talks the ‘slow process’ of rebuilding trust & self-confidence after Big E injury

Pretty quickly after Big E suffered a broken neck taking a suplex from Ridge Holland on SmackDown earlier this year, we heard there was no heat on Holland for what all involved chalked up to an accident. The former rugby played apologized to E, visited him in the hospital, and even sent him the gift of meat.

That still seems to be the case five months after E’s injury happened. The New Day-er is waiting to see how the neck heals over the next year, and thinking about his future in the business regardless of the diagnosis. And Holland? He told Metro he’s working on regaining the trust of his peers, and his own confidence. It hasn’t been easy when he only wrestles a couple times a month.

“It was a massive knock to my confidence. The main thing is that E’s functional, he’s OK, he’s gonna live a full life. From a personal standpoint, I’d like to get in the ring more and show people what I can do because there is a stigma there with the Big E thing. So, I wanna show people what I can do and how good I can be, and wash that stain off my back.

“It’s just been a slow process, getting back into it and learning how to trust myself, and obviously building that trust up with the boys as well. The trust of your peers is what we aim for.”

Large Epsilon’s health is Holland’s real focus, it seems. Metro notes he repeatedly returned to that idea during their interview:

“He’s absolutely fine, I’m in contact with him – not as much as I was because I think I was annoying him slightly [laughs]. For me, personally, the main thing is that Big E’s gonna be OK. That’s the number one, regardless of how I feel, regardless of what’s come to be. The main thing is that he’s his positive self, he’s cracking on and hopefully we’ll see him back in the not to distant future!”

As for himself, Ridge seems to have several good blokes he can lean on for support:

“[Sheamus and Butch have] been really good, checking in on me and just telling me everything’s going to be OK. He’s not in the company anymore, but I was in contact with William Regal, Fit Finlay’s given me plenty of advice, as have numerous people so I’m very grateful for that.”

Check out Holland’s entire chat with Metro, which includes lots of Clash at the Castle and WWE British history talk, here.

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