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Shinde vs Thackeray: Chief Justice hears Shinde faction on 'court should not interfere' argument; Said, "You in court..." | Uddhav Thackeray vs Eknath Shinde In Supreme Court CJI says Let us decide the issue after the Speaker decision you can challenge scsg 91

The Supreme Court heard the power struggle in the state today. who led the rebels Eknath Shinde As well as his group Shiv Sena party leader Uddhav Thackeray His group presented their arguments while arguing before the court. However, during this argument, it was seen that the Supreme Court gave harsh words to the Shinde group on one issue. During this hearing, Eknath Shinde group’s side is presented by Harish Salve and during today’s hearing, Uddhav Thackeray group’s side was initially presented by senior lawyers Kapil Sibal and Abhishek Manu Singhvi. During the hearing, the court countered the arguments of the Shinde group on the issue of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

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While defending the Shinde group, Salve argued that the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly has been elected by majority vote and should not be prevented from taking decisions. “It would be unconstitutional to deprive the president who is elected by majority, to prevent him from taking decisions. The court should not interfere in it,” argued Harish Salve.

On this, the Chief Justice said, “You have given ten days after your first appearance in the court. How is it possible that you got even a little benefit from it and now you are telling me not to mediate?” Asked that. “There are many questions about a certain group being called by the governor. Apart from this, we do not think that many issues have been misapplied, the court also explained.

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After the court took this objection, “We had to come to the Supreme Court urgently as there were some serious issues,” said lawyer Neeraj Kaul, who argued on behalf of the Shinde group. To this, the Chief Justice said, “We have heard your petition without asking to appeal in the High Court, leaving aside the issue of the verdict in Karnataka.” Some issues have to be addressed,” he said.

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The Shinde group argued that the issue of disqualification should be referred to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. But the Supreme Court did not respond positively to it. “How can you say that we gave you relief and now we cannot decide?” The court asked this.

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What if a disqualification petition is filed before the President tomorrow and four or five people send a notice to the President that they cannot decide? The Supreme Court also asked this. The Shinde group told the court that they cannot discuss the issue.

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