Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Support for Kashmiri girl from Pune; Agreement between Punit Balan Group and Afrin Haider

Pune : Afrin Haider, who made his mark at the 37th National Taekwondo Championships, has been signed by Puneet Balan Group in Pune. The 21-year-old Afrin has so far made his mark in Taekwondo with strong and targeted performances in various national and international competitions.

Afrin started playing Taekwondo while studying in Class VII at Delhi Public School in Srinagar. In the early days she used to practice with children. It brought a natural aggressiveness to her playing. From that, she moved towards the district level game. She has shown that her coin is in mint condition by winning many district and divisional competitions. Then at the age of 19, she participated in the G1 international competition held in Nepal and won a bronze medal. Afrin is studying at Jesus and Mary College of Delhi University and is also preparing for various competitive exams. Afrin said that an athlete playing any individual sport often has to struggle financially. I have also experienced this. However, now with the help of Puneet Balan Group, my worries about financial support have been removed. Therefore, Afrin explained that he will try to shine the name of India at the international level by playing to his full capacity in the upcoming tournaments.

Puneet Balan Group Director Puneet Balan said that Afrin has performed brilliantly in individual sports so far. We are fully confident that this quality of Kashmir Valley is capable of making its mark at the international level, Balan also explained while speaking on this occasion.

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