Monday, August 1, 2022

The type of 'Kalma' taught to students in school; Bhapja purified the school with Ganga water

A video of children being taught kalama during prayers in a school in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh is currently going viral on social media. After this video went viral, Kanpur BJP along with other Hindu organizations cleaned this school with Ganga water. Hindu organizations have also demanded a written apology from the school administration.

Florets International School is located in Sisamau area of ​​Kanpur. Kalma is being taught to children here for the past few days. As these children recited this prayer at home, their parents became suspicious. When they ask children about this, they are taught all this in school. Also, these children also said that the teacher beats them if they do not recite the kalama. Then all this came to light.

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When asked about this by the school administration, the school teaches prayers of all religions. The school principal informed that this process has been going on for several days.

Meanwhile, some parents had also complained to the police about this. The police went to the school and discussed with the caste management. SP Nishank Sharma responded that after that no religious prayers will be taught in the school, only national anthem will be sung.

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