Tuesday, August 2, 2022

"...then there will be serious consequences" China warns US | us leader Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan means threatens peace and stability China warns US

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is currently on a visit to Taiwan. China has raised serious objections to Pelosi’s visit, saying that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is a threat to peace and stability. China has said it strongly opposes separatist activities that demand an independent Taiwan.

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The ‘One-China’ theory is the political foundation of China-US relations. China opposes separatist activities demanding Taiwan independence. Also, Chinese Embassy in India spokesperson Wang Xiaojian said in his tweet that China is against the intervention of external forces in this case.

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Also, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is China’s internal interference. The tour is a threat to peace and stability in Taiwan. This visit will have a serious impact on China-US relations,” Wang Xiaojian said.

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Those who try to play with fire will perish. Attempts to consistently visit Taiwan and challenge China will be met with stiff resistance. Also, the United States should be prepared to face serious consequences,” Wang Xiaojian has warned through a tweet.

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Meanwhile, the visit of American leaders and officials to Taiwan is assumed by China to be America’s support for Taiwan’s independence. However, America has tried to convince China that visiting Taiwan does not mean that we have pursued the independence of Taiwan. But Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is likely to strain the relationship between China and the United States.

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