Thursday, August 18, 2022

Union Minister Rajnath Singh's criticism of the Prime Minister? They said 'False promises to the country..', Behind Viral Video 'This' is the truth!

Opposition versus ruling party is nothing new in politics. Due to the political dramas going on in the country and the state in the past, even a common man is keeping an eye on the movements of all the leaders. Social media has made this even easier. One such video is currently going viral online. The Prime Minister is being criticized in this. Surprisingly, the critic is none other than Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh himself. After Modi’s speech at this year’s Independence Day celebrations, this video is going viral.

During the Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi, the opposition had protested that Modi did not make a single statement on inflation while addressing the nation from the Red Fort. In the currently viral video, Rajnath Singh is also seen talking about the same issue. “Prime Minister has been promising to reduce inflation in 6 months for the last 9 years but still inflation has not come down which means that the Prime Minister is giving false promises to the people of the country,” the defense minister criticized.

Before making any assumptions about this, know the facts behind it, actually Rajnath Singh himself is speaking in this video, but this is not the current video. PIB itself informed about this and said that this video is from 2013 and at that time Rajnath Singh was BJP president and he made this statement in a press conference while criticizing the then Congress government.

Fact check of viral videos

This old video is now viral on social media with wrong reference. PIB has also informed that Rajnath Singh’s statement is not critical of Prime Minister Modi or the BJP government. Meanwhile, as soon as the video went viral, many people commented on it and said that even though this video is fake, the method is applicable even now.

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