Thursday, August 18, 2022

Usyk: with his flag on his back

Oleksandr Usyk has proven to be a hero both in and out of the ring. His victories and achievements in the boxing world have brought glory to Ukraine but it is not only from that role that the World Boxing Association (WBA) Super Heavyweight Champion has contributed.

The complicated moments his country is going through with the invasion by Russia have traveled the world and although he is going through his best sporting moment, Usyk did not hesitate to come to the aid as a soldier to defend Ukraine.

He was not in his country when the invasion occured, but he left everything and walked across the border to make himself available and put aside every activity with the intention of helping. 

However, the authorities, his family and his entourage began to press for Usyk to return to the ring and he eventually understood that from his role as a boxer he can also help at a time like this. This Saturday he will go out to do what he knows and carry his flag on his back, Usyk has been working hard and intends to remain as champion.

He shocked the world last September when he beat the heavyweight of the moment. He had already achieved everything at cruiserweight and when he moved up to heavyweight he gave up a physical advantage, but he adapted in each fight until he reached Joshua’s fence, which he overcame with flying colors. 

His boxing is impeccable, his intelligence is one of the most outstanding and he puts his heart not only in dominating the fight but in representing and bringing joy to his people. A hero in every aspect.

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