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Goalkeepers, unlike traditional field players, have to focus on not just the technology of their cleats but the technology of their gloves. Gloves feature a whole new set of technology that can be confusing and difficult to distinguish the difference between. Goalkeeping super brand Reusch is home to some of the best technology in the game and offers a myriad of options for goalkeepers of every skill level. Check out what Reusch has to offer and what pair of gloves is perfect for you. 

There are two distinct styles of Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves that the company has designed and feature different technology and variations throughout both styles. The ATTRAKT and PURE CONTACT are the two main styles of gloves the company designs, but do carry distinct differences that we’re going to lay out for you!


If you’re looking for the gloves of the pros, these are certainly it. World-renowned goalkeeper Hugo Lloris is one of the many names that headline the Reusch family and sports the ATTRAKT. 


The ATTRAKT bolsters the technology of the pros and is designed to keep you ready for all the moments the game throws at you. A big part of an elite goalkeeper’s game is the ability to punch out and clear away the ball in the biggest and most stressful moments. FREEGEL has been designed to help you with just that. This has been designed with a silicon-like material that is light and durable that gives you a highly flexible and powerful backhand for a punching zone for the pros. This closure also guarantees a supreme fit and offers you additional support in the wrist. 

Stability and strength when catching for a goalkeeper is one of the most important qualities that a glove can possess. Reusch has designed several features that ensure you have enhanced support when the game desperately needs it the most. One of these is the inclusion of the rolled thumb. Latex from the palm of the gloves extends and wraps around the inner side of the thumb giving your thumb a more functional 3D shape providing a larger catching area. The ATTRAKT has also been designed with an expanded palm latex area that significantly enlarges the contact zone to give you a more optimized and enhanced grip. 

Like we mentioned, finger stability is an extremely important aspect of a glove that goalkeepers must consider. The need for a system that adapts to the hands of the players using them is more prevalent than ever. Reusch has engineered OrthoTech and Finger Support technology so you have the added stability you need and is removable if you prefer another method. This is perfect for high level and elite goalkeepers with shots flying at them at rapid speeds.

To ensure that you can play your best and most competitive games and still be comfortable, Reusch has made these gloves exceptionally breathable. Ventilation channels in the fingers are composed of small holes that allow for more breathability. An Airventsystem and 3D thumb crotch work together to give you a fit that is both comfortable and durable for season-long wear. 

Pure Contact

Another highly sought after option for goalkeepers is Reusch’s Pure Contact. This glove is designed for a more natural feeling on the ball and keeps you prepared for all the moments the game brings you. 


These super sleek and natural feeling gloves are the perfect gloves for those that are looking for a high tech feel. All Pure Contact gloves are designed with an evolution negative cut that rolls the latex on the palms around the finger tips for a tight fit that optimizes ball control and contact area. 

The key to a high quality glove is the stability that it can offer the goalkeeper looking to use it. The Pure Contact has been developed with a steady cuff that stabilizes your wrist but is still home to optimal comfort. This has been engineered with a neoprene backhand from the opening of the glove and is merged with an elastic fabric on the inner wrist. A high quality thumb wrap surrounds your thumb finger making the grip area larger and is home to a more natural hand shape. 

Just like the ATTRAKT, the Pure Contact has been made with your comfort and needs in mind. Strategically holes are found in the interior of the fingers to ensure that you’ll have constant ventilation and cool hands for the most optimal feeling. Also designed with preshaped construction, the gloves slightly spread your fingers to ensure that you’re comfortable and ready for the biggest moments. 

Glove Cuts. What are they?

Reusch has developed five different glove cuts to ensure you have the most optimal fit for what you are looking to accomplish. Each of these cuts are extremely unique and are home to different shapes allowing you to have the perfect pair of gloves. 

Roll Finger – The latex in the palm of the gloves is seamlessly rolled around the fingers to make way for the largest possible catching area. 

Evolution – Latex is rolled around the fingertips of the gloves for a more precise fit as well as make way for improved ball control. These gloves also maximize the latex-to-ball contact for a larger zone for control. Outer-seam construction in the lower parts of the finger make way for an enhanced fit, flexibility, and breathability. 

Evolution Negative – Latex is completely rolled around the fingertips of the gloves for a tighter fit. This allows for more improved ball control and a larger contact area for a more optimal glove. The inner-seam construction that is found in the lower part of the finger is more flexible and tight for an optimal and elite fit. 

Expanse – In these gloves the outer seams are used to enlarge the palm surface with a flat cut. This increases the contact area for improved catching and control. 

Slim Expanse – This cut is only used on the Duo Styles from Reusch. It is home to negative stitching that can be found in the backhand for a more snug fit. The palm features a regular cut that provides the necessary room to maximize Duo Technology. 

Grip Technology

SPEEDBUMP – The palm of the gloves feature three-dimensional spikes with professional match latex. This increases friction between the glove and ball for optimal grip and control. 

Grip Fusion – Home to high abrasion resistance and unmatched grip even in the worst weather conditions. Perfect for every surface and the grip of choice for Lloris. 

Grip Gold X – Match latex that has been engineered with an extra sticky surface for optimal grip. Home to an adhesion boost and GLUEPRINT for additional tackiness in the zones that you need it the most. 

Final Thoughts

Deciding which pair of Reusch goalkeeper gloves you should get can be difficult, but after reading this your decision should definitely be easier. Reusch is the goalkeeper glove brand of choice for many professionals, so don’t worry they are made with high quality materials perfect for the most elite players.

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments!

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