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"Begging your threats..."; Shiv Sena's attack on Nadda's 'only BJP will last', Gujarat riots and Modi are also mentioned | Shivsena slams JP Nadda for his BJP supremacy remark scsg 91

After the riots in Gujarat, only the Shiv Sena chief stood by Modi. That Shiv Sena chief Shiv Sena Ending BJP National President J. P. Nadda is in which air? Shiv Sena has asked such a question. Many political parties have ceased to exist in the country. Shiv Sena A few days ago, Nadda had claimed that the other regional parties will also go bankrupt and only the BJP will survive as it is on the way to an end. Due to this statement, a new controversy has erupted and Shiv Sena has now targeted BJP and Nadda due to this.

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Shiv Sena took BJP on its shoulder for 25 years.
Bharatiya Janata Party National President J. P. There was a general perception that Nadda was a better person than others. One is that they come from calm, cool regions like Himachal and a. Bh. He has been active in social causes since the student council. Therefore, they should have a sense of democracy, but in the end they have started talking on the basis of twelve bucks,” said Shiv Sena. “Nadda has now said that only BJP will survive in the country. Regional parties will end with Shiv Sena. Nadda’s statement is full of arrogance and pride. As Nadda mentioned Shiv Sena, it should be said at the beginning. Talking about ending Shiv Sena is the height of ingratitude. The same Shiv Sena carried the BJP on its shoulders for twenty-five years. Today, there is definitely a gap in the relationship, but we are liquid in Maharashtra only in the name of Hindu Heart Emperor Balasaheb,” Shiv Sena reminded Nadda.

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JP Nadda is in which air?
“Secondly, while the whole world stood against Modi, only Balasaheb Thackeray was supporting Modi for Hindutva. It was his own party people who reminded Modi of Rajdharma by using riots in Gujarat as an excuse. At that time, he was the only Shiv Sena leader in the country who said, ‘Keep Raj Dharma aside, don’t touch Modi because of Hinduism, don’t remove him from the post of Chief Minister of Gujarat.’ J.P. who is going to end the Shiv Sena of that Shiv Sena chief. In which air are Naddas?” Shiv Sena has also asked such a question.

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Sometimes even Congress thought that…
“Naddas are speaking the language of the followers of dictators and this language is worse than dynasticism. India is the largest democratic country and Modi is the President. He was elected democratically. If they get the support of the people, they should be re-elected, but we will be elected and we will not be left with only the opposition, this language is deadly to democracy. The people decided who should be in power in the country. At one time even the Congress thought that only we will remain in the country, but what is the situation today?” Saying this, Shiv Sena has given an example of Congress to BJP.

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This means there is no one left to fight and…
“In 1978, the Janata Party came to power after defeating the Congress. Even then, the atmosphere seemed to last forever. Where is the Janata Party today? BJP too was flying like a hawk. The Ayodhya movement and LK Advani’s Rath Yatra saved the BJP. Today the BJP is in a strong position under the leadership of Modi, but nothing is as fickle as politics. There is no hope that people will change their minds. To create a continuous gap between Hindus and Muslims, to argue in religion, all this is happening during the elections and the current BJP is continuously winning the elections. This does not mean that there is no one left to fight and regional parties have collapsed,” Shiv Sena has also said.

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Begging your threats…
“W. Regional parties are in a strong position in states like Bengal, Kerala, Bihar, Odisha, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh. After all, this is a regional identity and it will remain. Not everyone will follow you. Punjab and Delhi are ruled by AAP. Aam Aadmi Party has now entered Himachal of Naddas. Because of this, Naddas will be tired in Himachal. As they cannot fight with Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, they split Shiv Sena by showing fear of ‘ED’ etc. You will end up with a handful of people in your pockets, but Balasaheb’s Shiv Sena will once again sweep the skies. It is not Shiv Sena that is begging your threats,” Shiv Sena warned Naddas in the front page of ‘Samana’.

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Where are people’s sentiments respected?
“Sample words like ‘Sampvao’ to the small pieces of paper in your pocket. Nadda’s language is the death knell for democracy, but what else can one expect from him given the shadow he is walking in? It is more sad that even a good man is wasted. Today’s dynasty of BJP has really grown from the womb of real BJP? The growth of BJP was due to the break up of many parties including Congress all over the country starting from Maharashtra. That means, though BJP has a head, hands, feet, nose, ears, etc. all belong to others and they have been stitched together. You have no address for your own lineage and you speak to eliminate other parties in the country. Let the people decide who should stay and who should go, but where are people’s sentiments being respected?” This is what Shiv Sena has said.

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Shiv Sena’s attack on ‘EVM’ too
“People are insisting that the elections should be done by ballot instead of ‘EVM’. Because people don’t trust EVMs and BJP doesn’t trust ballot papers. Those who are against us should be jailed with ‘ED’ officers hand in hand and the tainted opponents who surrender, washed in the washing machine and tied to their knots, what is this called democracy? In politics, we and only we are the language of authoritarianism. It is a monopoly. This is not popular but arbitrary. “If the BJP is acting with the thought that I am the owner of everything in sight, then it has to be considered that their fight against the Emergency was a pretence,” Shiv Sena criticized.

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The cows of the regional parties will not die due to the curse of the crow
“BJP’s growing strength is artificial. BJP is not only using oppression and terror to break the members and leaders of other parties, but those who do not succumb to this oppression or temptations are facing jail. Still, despite all this, P. From Bengal to Maharashtra many parties are standing and fighting. Because their umbilical cord is firm. J. P. Nadda should understand this. Nadda has cursed all the regional parties that only BJP will remain and all others will disappear. There is a saying in Marathi that a cow does not die by the curse of a crow! The meaning of this saying should be explained to Mr. Nadda. Another thing is that BJP has passed the cow slaughter ban law. So the cows of the regional parties will not die due to the curse of the crow. On the contrary, the beef population will continue to increase. Crows, however, will perish. Shiv Sena is a tiger. Therefore, you will not be able to afford a tiger’s leap,” Shiv Sena has also said.

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