Thursday, September 22, 2022

Brissette, Chub lead as Brown rebounds against Steelers. CBC Sports

With an unimaginable collapse still fresh in his mind, the Browns managed to avoid each other in four days.

Jacoby Brissette threw two touchdown passes, Nick Chubb ran for a score and Cleveland returned from their epic slump to beat rival Pittsburgh Steelers 29-17 on Thursday night.

“We had the right men in that room who were able to get through it,” Brissette said, “and I think we answered that call.” We knew it wouldn’t be easy. People answered the bell.

The Browns (2-1) took a nine-point lead in the fourth on Chubb’s one-yard run and then held on for dear life.

The Steelers (1-2) pulled within 23-17 on Chris Boswell’s 34-yard field goal, giving up 1:48 before Pittsburgh attempted an onside kick. But unlike Sunday’s 31-30 loss, when the New York Jets overcame a 13-point deficit in the final 1:55, Brown batted the ball out of bounds.

For a moment, it seemed like Sunday again.

Brown’s coach Kevin Stefansky was asked what he was thinking as the ball bounced near the edge of Pittsburgh. He paused for six seconds before answering.

“A lot,” he said.

Cleveland fans could finally hold their breath when cornerback Denzel Ward fell to a Steelers blunder in the final field on the final game for a meaningless touchdown.

Brissette connected with Amari Cooper and David Nojoku for the TDS, and finished 21 of 31 for 220 yards. The 29-year-old finished his second straight solid game, while Deshan Watson completed an 11-game suspension.

Chub had 113 yards and pushed across the goal line on the fourth and turned and with 9:29 to put Brown 23-14 ahead.

Steady offense from Mitch Trubisky and the Steelers showed signs of life in the first half, but was trapped after halftime, gaining only 54 yards to punt on his first three possessions.

Criticized for not throwing deep in the first two weeks, Trubisky launched some long deliveries but didn’t connect nearly enough.

“I think Mitch made some plays, but we all came up short collectively,” said Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, who said he has no plans to move to rookie QB Kenny Pickett. “Winning is our business. I didn’t want to be impressed, I wanted to win the game.”

Pittsburgh’s defense lacked Starr and TJ Watt, but tackle Cameron Hayward said that was not the issue.

“When you try to shake hands with Nick Chubb, he’s going to pay you,” Hayward said. “We need to do a lot better.”

Brown, running behind Nick Chubb (24), carried the ball during the first quarter against the Steelers on Thursday night. (David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports via Reuters)

The victory came easy for Cleveland in a matter of days.

After Sunday’s defeat, Miles Garrett criticized fans for booing Brown on his way off the field, and a fan was arrested after he threw a plastic bottle over the shore at owner Jimmy Haslam’s direction .

But this time there was a little drama, just a win over its hating neighbors from Pennsylvania.

“It’s not an easy thing to back off,” Stefansky said. “We talked about it on Sunday. We talked about it on Monday. I’m so proud of you guys that you can’t let defeat go down, and we won’t let this win stop you. But I’m proud of how they did.” Responded. You have to be flexible.”

Rookie Cade York’s 34-yard field goal gave the Browns a 16–14 lead in the third quarter, when Cleveland lost four players, including starting linebackers Anthony Walker Jr. and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoa.

Brissette’s seven-yard TD pass put Joku on the Browns 13-7 and left 8:58 before halftime. But for the second week in a row, York missed out on an extra point.

Trubisky led the Steelers on a 75-yard scoring drive — coming to the ground for 51 yards — before the QB rolled to the right and scored from one. Boswell’s PAT put Pittsburgh 14-13 ahead.

Steelers rookie receiver George Pickens expressed disappointment over not getting the ball during their loss to New England last week, saying he was open “90 percent of the time”. He wasn’t even joking.

Trubisky eventually hit him with a length ball, but it took a brilliant, one-handed catch by Pickens for a 36-yard advantage.

Garrett failed to record a sack and remained just shy of Clay Matthews’ team record of 62. The Browns’ All-Pro defensive end was double-team, chipped and was credited with only assisted tackles.

Cavaliers All-Star guards Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland served as honorary captains of the Browns. Mitchell snapped a fake guitar during a pre-game festivities recently acquired in a trade from Utah.

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