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mom, we made it,

Hi friends! I’m happy to report that our lovely online notebook got some attention this week. I wrote a piece about Joy Drop in which it was depicted hospitality magazine. I’ve written how I write about happiness and hope as part of my personal practice – writing it every week has been an essential part of my writing.

It’s something I look forward to and something I’m very grateful for. Some have argued that this is trivial, but if I can put a smile on someone’s face, I think it is impressive and necessary. Happiness is not trivial, it is what we all need.

I love a good crossover and what’s more great than K-pop and men’s basketball? The Golden State Warriors are in Japan for the NBA pre-season and BTS Meet global superstar Min Eun-gi (aka Suga) Four-time NBA Champion Steph Curry,

This thrilled fans all over the world and both the stars were excited to exchange gifts.

Last week I traveled with my husband to Portland, Ore. to deliver the keynote lecture at Pacific University. I got a chance to hang out with my chosen family and dear friends. I appreciate being invited to speak by my friend Dr. Jules BoykoffWhose work and research has informed the way I think about mega-events and sports.

I got to hang out with his partner, who I like. Community is everything to me and I am grateful to be part of a community that cares deeply about social issues and sports. While living in Portland I was a . went Portland Thorns Matchand then visited sports bra (I wrote about it last marchIt was great to meet Jenny Nguyen in person and hang out at a place that celebrates the women’s sport.

Shireen Ahmed moved in with Nguyen. (Submitted by Mark Strong)

I’m saving the most important ones for last. Today (30 September) is the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. Although it is not a moment of joy, it is a moment to respect and observe. We should be grateful to the Indigenous communities that provide each one with ways to share and continue to learn about the atrocities of residential schools and the irreparable harm done to Indigenous peoples.

Maggie Went wrote a very helpful thread about the different ways to participate and learn.

Please remember that 30th September is not just a day and then we forget it. It’s a way to untangle ourselves and forget what we were taught so that we can re-learn the truth about national history and learn more about the hashtags #everyChildMatters and #OrangeShirtDay.

Just as we care about black communities outside of February (Black History Month) or women on days other than March 8 (International Women’s Day), we should care about people at all times.

While offices may be closed, it is important to remember that having room for people’s pain is part of a process that is up to us. Here’s an article from CBC Music that tells us the . Helps to learn more about the sinister legacy of residential schools in canada, It is painful but it is important to commit to action.

here is a track a the tribe is called red (now known as hallucinatory nationNorthern Voice, featuring Shad and Leonard Sumner.

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