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The Alouettes bounced back with a win over the Lions. CBC Sports

The Montreal Alouettes can thank their defense for going into a bye week with a winning high.

Impressive play on that side of the ball led the Alouettes to a 31-10 win over the BC Lions on Friday night. The Alouettes (5-7) not only suffered a tough loss to the Ottawa RedBlacks from last week, but also broke a nine-game losing streak against the Lions (8-3).

“Defensively, we showed up,” said Alouettes general manager and interim coach Danny Macchiosia. “We showed up mentally but also physically. We put ourselves on the line of scuffle physically.

,[B.C. is] Perhaps the only team with three Americans was on the offensive line and we were able to get to the quarterback. It is a matter of great pride for our players and our staff who worked hard to create the game plan and have implemented it almost perfectly.”

look | Alouettes’ Nafees Lyon returns interception for TD against Lions:

Alouettes defense shines with victory over Lions

Nafees Lyon returned a 51-yard interception for the Major as Montreal beat BC 31-10 on Friday night.

On his debut as Alouette, defensive lineman Mustafa Johnson got the better of Lions quarterback Antonio Pipkin’s defense with 21 unanswered points in the first half. Johnson had two sacks, one of which forced him to reduce turnover in the third quarter.

“I’m just excited, you couldn’t ask for a better chance to finish the game with my first start and two sacks,” Johnson said. “I’m feeling excited, I love the support I’m getting from all my teammates.”

Maciosia said it “took a while to convince Johnson to join the Alouettes” as he participated in a rookie mini-camp with the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons. ALS staff were thrilled to bring him on in early August and the 23-year-old began to make a difference.

“He’s not someone who is smiling or celebrating with his teammates, he’s a football player I like to call an ‘all-business’,” Macchiosia said. “For a coach, we love that kind of player.”

In his Alouettes debut, cornerback Nafees Lyon had a blockage that he returned for a touchdown and blocked any chances for the Lions to return.

“It was really big, especially a first in the system,” said defensive back Marc-Antoine Decoy. “That’s great for him.”

Quarterback Trevor Harris threw 163 yards at 16-in-23 to go with a touchdown and an interception. QB Dominic Davis had a quick touchdown.

With victories against the Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the Alouettes have proven capable of taking on the best of the CFL. Masiosia joked that Montreal should play him more often, but for the past few weeks his team should be playing with the best in the league.

“Sometimes, we ourselves block the type of performance we got tonight,” Macchiosia said. “If we can avoid self-destruction at critical times we can run with anyone. It doesn’t matter who it is.”

Making his return to Montreal, Pipkin threw with an interception for 174 yards on a 13-for-24.

Adams Jr makes his homecoming to Montreal

Vernon Adams Jr. also made his Montreal homecoming when the Alouettes traded the quarterback to BC on August 31. Adams served as backup, playing parts of the first and second quarters and picking up only 17 passing yards.

Lions head coach Rick Campbell said, “I thought our football team wasn’t all that good in the first half.” “So that complicates the position of the quarterback. When we come out in the third quarter and we play with energy and edge, and everyone is playing together you can see that we do good things. But Not going to do less than that.”

The Lions broke the ice for the only point of the first half with a 36-yard field goal from former Alouette Sean White.

The Alouettes put their first two points on the board when Johnson took Pipkin down to safety in BC’s end field.

Minutes later, Davis found the end zone on a two-yard QB sneak for TD in his tenth run of the season, when Zack Lindley blocked a punt on the Lions’ 25-yard line to Montreal.

Alouettes made 13 points in the second quarter to make a double-digit gap.

David Cote hit a 13-yard field goal to give Montreal an 11-3 lead. Minutes later, the Alouettes extended their lead to 15 points when Harris found Eugene Lewis for a 12-yard score.

Cote added his second field goal in the late night quarter to give his team a 21-3 lead at halftime.

In the middle of the third quarter, Pipkin and the BC offense decided to tempt fate on third and goal. Once again, Johnson outperformed Pipkin with a sack, forcing a trade on Down.

The Lions defense provided some help to their offense with a Manny Rugamba interception at Montreal’s 33-yard line in the fourth. The Lions paid off Montreal with a short drive that ended with a one-yard sneak by Pipkin, extending the Els’ lead to 11 points.

Seven minutes later, Lyon held off Pipkin and scored on a 52-yard return to push Montreal further.

Cte ended Montreal’s victory with his 30th field goal of the season in less than two minutes.

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