Tuesday, September 27, 2022

When Your Baseball Ticket Looks Like a Lotto Ticket: Jays Fans Can Stop the Historic Aaron Judge Home Run Ball | CBC News

With Major League Baseball history once again Tuesday night at the Rogers Center, William Chong says sitting in the outfield is like holding a lottery ticket.

That’s because New York Yankees star Aaron Judge is on 60 home runs, one shy of Roger Maris’ American League record, which he has scored for more than 61 years.

Blue Jays fans may be watching their team move closer to the playoff spot, perhaps having been ruled hit-free by the judge, although the six-foot, seven-inch-tall slugger did. lots of fans here And others will be hoping that he cracks Homer for a chance at a big payday in the ballpark.

“There’s a good chance he’ll hit 61 and 62 in Toronto this week,” said Chong, a memorabilia collector who owns Dolly’s Toys & Games in Scarborough. Should this be the case, those would be very attractive baseballs to anyone who caught them.

,[62 is] “Whoever catches it will pay seven points, which is crazy for baseball,” Chong said.

Judge singled out, walked twice and was dismissed twice during Monday’s game against the Jays and remained on 60 home runs – giving him two more chances to reach the record in Toronto.

The Blue Jays (87-67) halted the Yankees’ (94-59) seven-match winning streak with a 3-2 win from 10 innings on Monday.

With five regular-season games remaining at the Rogers Center, the Blue Jays set the fourth-best home record in the American League after the Yankees (56–22), Tampa Bay (51–30) and Houston (50). -23).

Toronto Maple Leafs superstar Austin Matthews will throw the first pitch on Tuesday.

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