Sunday, October 2, 2022

Dodds, Mouatt of Scotland captured the inaugural Mixed Doubles Super Series curling title in Ottawa. CBC Sports

Scotland’s Jennifer Dodds and Bruce Mouatt defeated Canada’s Laura Walker and Kirk Muires 7-6 in an extra end to claim the inaugural mixed doubles Super Series title in Ottawa on Sunday.

With the hammer in the spare end, Dodds found Button to four feet with his draw and helped the 2021 mixed doubles world champion end the undefeated event with six wins at Carleton Place Curling Club.

Dodds and Moaut defeated Switzerland’s Jenny Perrett and Martin Rios 7–6 in the semifinals, followed by a 7–5 quarterfinal win over Canada’s Jennifer Jones and Brent Ling.

In the qualifying round, the Scottish pair defeated Canadians Katherine and Chris Liscombe 8–1 before claiming a 10–1 win over Canada’s Edith Coutenoir and Pierre-Luc Morissette and a 10–6 win against Canada’s Kerry Einerson and Brad Jacobs. 1 placed on top.

“We’re friends … and I think that’s a big deal for us,” Dodds said on CBC Sports. that curling show After the final. “We’re always looking to learn and improve – we’ve learned a lot from the Olympics and we’ve really tried to dial them in here.

“It’s good to see it work.”

Dodds and Moaut finished fourth for Great Britain at the 2022 Beijing Olympics in February.

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The Mixed Doubles Super Series Ottawa champs talk about their open communication and how friends from the ice translate to victories on the ice.

Walker and Muirs advanced to the finals after a 9–5 victory over Estonia’s Marie Caldavi and Harry Lil in the semi-finals and a 7–5 victory over fellow Canadians Rachel Homan and Tyler Tardi in the quarterfinals.

Walker and Muirs began the tournament with a 9–0 win over Canada’s Sherry Just and Ryan Dess, then a 12–1 win against Canada’s Erin Butler and Jordan McNamara. In their final qualifying match, Walker and Muyers defeated Perrett and Rios 6–5.

The Canadian pair pulled out of the four-man game earlier this year to focus on mixed doubles.

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Devin Heroux and Colleen Jones talk to organizers Wayne Tuck and Jay Allen, winners of the first leg of the inaugural Mixed Doubles Super Series, and conclude the show with Mike Harris.

“Laura and Kirk are amazing curlers,” Maut said. “It’s good to see that they have dedicated themselves to mixed doubles and they are going to be a tough team to beat a lot of European teams.”

Walker and Muyers took the lead at the opening end of the final after scoring two and were able to force an extra end with a single in the eighth.

CBC Sports will continue to provide live coverage of the Mixed Doubles Super Series with the next event in Saskatoon from November 3-6, followed by tournaments in Leduc, Alta., Winnipeg and Brentford, Ont.

The Super Series competition in Ottawa was the first of four preliminary tournaments involving 32 teams from around the world. The final competition to be held in Brantford from 16–18 December will be the Super Series Championship, with a 24-team triple-knockout format.

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Mixed Doubles Super Series Ottawa: Final – Walker/Murrays vs. Dodds/Moutt

Mixed doubles teams from around the world compete in the nation’s capital.

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