Saturday, October 1, 2022

Dozens of Tickets on Panda Game Day, Many Arrested CBC News

Ottawa police say they have issued dozens of tickets for the day of the annual panda game and arrested several people.

Soon after 8 pm, the police service tweeted that they had issued 85 tickets for open liquor. Two people, including one, were arrested for public intoxication, while two $2,000 tickets were given for a loud muffler.

Police later said they had made two more arrests for mischief, and were dispersing the crowd after some people threw objects at officers.

Just before 10 p.m., police tweeted that they were asking the crowd at Sandy Hill – which brushes up against the University of Ottawa – to “immediately” disperse.

The University of Ottawa Gee-Geis took home Pedro the Panda with a 37-7 victory in the annual football game against the Carleton Ravens on Saturday.

Thousands descended on Sandy Hill near the University of Ottawa after the G-Gess won the 2021 game. at one point, Partyers on Russell Avenue flipped a carAnd many people faced various kinds of charges.

After those festivities got out of hand, the police vowed to have “zero tolerance” this year. Dozens of officers were meeting around Sandy Hill on Saturday as students headed for post-game celebrations.

On Saturday evening, the city sub-division said it had issued 14 tickets for excessive noise, one for littering and one for vaping in a taxi.

The department has increased the amount of the fine to $1,000 for violating the sound rules. He said officials had ticketed 81 vehicles and towed nine more vehicles.

Ottawa students take to the field to celebrate the Gee-Geas’s Panda Game victory

The University of Ottawa beat Carleton University 37-7 in the Legendary Panda Game on Saturday.

Armaan Singh, president of the Ottawa University Students’ Union, said it was unfortunate that the students were given tickets, but no concern was expressed for him or the other members of his working team.

“Most students agree that what happened last year should not be repeated,” he told CBC News on Saturday evening.

“Students want to be able to maintain this tradition of having a panda every fall.”

Singh said his organization does not agree with the increased police presence and is encouraging students to avoid the neighbourhood.

While he had not heard of any negative interactions between police and students when speaking to CBC, Singh said the large number of officers could cause uneasiness.

Singh said, “We know that police often make students, especially racialized students, feel more vulnerable rather than feel more secure. And more police and more law enforcement can lead to more racial profiling and what not.”

“And so that’s a major concern for us.”

Singh said that instead of having more police, students should be encouraged to party at local businesses through drink deals or live events.

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