Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Players Own Voice Podcast: Soccer player Becky Sauerbrunn aims to export equities after historic deal. CBC Sports

In the ever-expanding universe of women’s football, very few stars shine more than the captain of the United States national team, Becky Sauerbrunn. With over 200 caps and counting, his contributions to the pitch have filled many highlight reels.

So it seems strange to say that his biggest influence, and possibly his most enduring legacy, will be Sauerbrunn’s work off the field, largely behind the scenes.

Sauerbrunn was one of the original five women who called for a determination to put their livelihoods on the line and go to battle with their employers for equal pay and equal treatment. In today’s season six debut episode of the Players’ Own Voices podcast, Sauerbrunn admitted that the six years, back and forth was a nerve-racking experience.

She describes how those years were marked by many small milestones. The US men’s and women’s national teams weren’t very close allies at the start of the dispute in 2016, but by the time the dust settled, Sauerbrunn says the solidarity of the men’s squad was the key to making the deal.

Female players sued the US Soccer Federation in 2019, seeking damages under the federal Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Three years later, a settlement of US$24 million was reached.

Salary, although clearly important, is a relatively straightforward issue. Equitable treatment requires a great deal of sustained effort and consideration. Coaching, facilities, travel, health care – the fields of discrepancy and unequal treatment permeate many aspects of the elite athlete’s experience.

Podcast host Anastasia Buxis asked Sauerbrunn the simple question: What’s next? Canadians take note – for the captain and her like-minded teammates, one goal now is to help spread their knowledge and collective bargaining experience to women and sports federations around the world.

Starting from their “manias” to the north.

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