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RedBlacks GM Burke Asks Fans For Support, Patience After Coaching Change CBC Sports

Losing is not something the Ottawa Redblacks want to be comfortable with.

When Redblack joined the CFL in 2014, he was determined to create a competitive product every single year, and as he fought his way through, he refused to be complacent.

Facing their third-straight losing season, the Redblacks decided a change was necessary and fired head coach Paul Lapolis on Saturday morning.

With a 3-11-0 record, the Redblacks sit last in the CFL standings and look like a team that has been abandoned.

“It’s going to creep into your head when you start to lose it,” said RedBlacks GM Sean Burke. “Just as winning momentum can lead to more wins, losing momentum can go in the opposite direction and I think that has happened to us.”

LaPolice was hired in 2019 but did not take the field until 2021, with the 2020 season canceled by COVID-19. He goes with an overall record of 6-22-0.

Bob Dice has been named interim head coach for the remaining four matches of the season.

The next four weeks will be about showing what the RedBlacks want going forward and Burke asked fans for support and patience as they attempt to turn things around.

look | Lions Down Redblack in Vancouver:

Lions suffer third consecutive defeat in home win to RedBlacks

Vernon Adams Jr. threw for 305 yards and 2 touchdowns and propelled BC to a 34–19 win over Ottawa.

Burke knows that many may wonder why something wasn’t done sooner or why upset at this point, the playoffs seemed nothing more than wishful thinking, but he wants to give Lapolis the best chance to prove it. That he could change things.

“The reality is that we’ve gone through a transition from a new team coming in, new management coming in, and then some adversity,” Burke said. “Every team is going to go through adversity, which is what happens in football, but it has to go into making your decisions and giving someone a fair shot.”

The RedBlacks have been in free fall since 2019 and are determined to end this frustrating stretch of football.

Almost a year after the team split with GM Marcel Desjardins, Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group CEO Marc Gaudi says the franchise is still cleaning up the mess left behind.

“I think we dug a huge hole ourselves in 2019 and I think we’re still digging ourselves out of that hole,” Gaudi said. “I know we’ve got the right guy now to get us out of that hole. I was hoping we’d do a little better this year, but it hasn’t worked out and we don’t want to fall into excuses but our franchise quarterback.” get lost [Jeremiah Masoli] Wasn’t a positive move on a fragile team.”

Dias has a wealth of experience in the Canadian Football League with nearly 20 years of coaching experience and served as interim head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the last part of the season in 2015, where he posted a 3-6 record.

He has been the RedBlacks special team coordinator since 2016.

“I’ve done this before,” Dice admitted. “Having a special team coordinator is very close to being a head coach. Some of you may not be seen that way, but you have to take all the factors that happen all the time and know the situation, so some It’s like ‘This isn’t huge. I’m honored to have the opportunity to do that.”

foundation setting

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult considering Lapolis, who gave Dias his first coaching opportunity, and the two are close friends.

Dias said the first call he made was to Lapolis and the two had a great conversation and were committed to coming together for a steak dinner after the season was over.

Lapolis played the dual role of head coach and offensive coordinator and Dias shared “they are still exploring options in that regard,” but added that there will be a dedicated play caller, but the person has not yet been identified.

He plans to take on his duties as special team coordinator for Dias, but said he might consider bringing someone in to support him.

Ottawa have four games left until next Monday, when they take on the Montreal Alouettes, which gives Dice some time to prepare.

“I look at these four games as the basis for where we need to be,” Dice said. “There’s no guarantee that I’ll be there when they get there, but I can be very proud if I lay that foundation and we’re working in that direction and we get in that direction.”

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