Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Blue Jays will take on the Mariners in the wild-card round at the end of the season. CBC Sports

The Toronto Blue Jays’ first foe in the playoffs is now official.

Toronto will face the Seattle Mariners in the American League wild-card round. The series begins on Friday at the Rogers Center.

The Seattle Mariners beat the Detroit Tigers 7–6 in 10 innings, and sealed their trip to Toronto when the Boston Red Sox defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 6–0 in a game called after five innings due to rain. .

After finishing top of the wild card, the Blue Jays would have a home turf advantage against one of the two teams they battled for the lead late in the regular season.

Toronto has made it to the playoffs for only the second time in six seasons. The team’s last appearance after the season was in 2020, where it was swept in the wild-card round by the Tampa Bay Rays, who would enter these playoffs as the third wild-card seed.

The last time the Blue Jays made it to “October Baseball” was in 2016, when the team made it to the AL Championship Series for the second consecutive season.

Toronto secured a playoff spot on September 30 after the Baltimore Orioles lost 5–3 to the Boston Red Sox. 1 wild card spot on Monday and a 5-1 win over the Orioles in a 4-3 loss to Seattle’s Detroit Tigers.

Toronto leads 2-5 in their season series against the Mariners. The two sides matched in two separate series; the Blue Jays won the first 2–1 at home in May, then dropped all four in the second series in Seattle in July.

The team is heading towards the end of the season with a head of steam. After skipping two of their last three games against the New York Yankees last week, Toronto has now won four straight with two games remaining.

The Blue Jays close out the season on the road with a doubleheader against the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday.

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