Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The province doubled funds to upgrade the Winsport Day Lodge and make the building more accessible. CBC News

Winsport Day Lodge is receiving additional funding to improve the building’s accessibility and make it more climate resilient.

The province said Tuesday it is adding $17.5 million to the federal government’s existing $17.4 million commitment to upgrade the Frank King Day Lodge.

The money will go toward the first major upgrade of the Day Lodge since 1987. The facility was converted into a day lodge after the 1988 Calgary Olympics and serves over one million visitors annually.

Alberta Culture Minister Ron Orr said the redesign would allow for expanded use by para-athletes and increase opportunities for disabled visitors to interact with the space.

The modifications will increase the likelihood that the center will be used to host future world-class events, Orr said.

In August, WinSport CEO Barry Heck said he was looking for governments and sponsors for funding.

Heck said the cash would be used to improve the building’s energy efficiency — making it a net-zero building.

On Tuesday, Heck said that the revitalization project is important for WinSport to meet the needs of the community for years to come.

“In addition to modern energy efficiency and key accessibility elements, we can continue to support early-stage high-performance athletes and provide safe and inclusive sporting opportunities for all ages and abilities,” Heck said.

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